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ETF Rewind Subscribers Only:

I hope you find ETF Rewind as useful to your daily trading routine as I do. You may even find you become quite addicted to certain features! I am happy to take any questions you may have down the road (see Note), and will consider suggestions for improvement as well.

Recall that the trial period is three days. Also, although you may keep the files, the advanced functionality expires soon thereafter. The product is delivered by email -- usually in the late evening, but occasionally in the pre-market session.

You should receive your first file link prior the next US market open (but I do these by hand, so late night orders be patient please). Please email me if you don't and definitely set your spam filters to accept messages from Welcome aboard!

Jeff Pietsch

Rewind Requirements: Microsoft Excel 2003 or Higher; VBA Installed and Active; the Solver Add-In Installed [instructions]; Access to Yahoo! Web Data Servers [test]; Regional decimal point settings to #,000.00 (Non-U.S.); a Large format screen is helpful!

Note: As long as it they don't involve individual investment advice! Use of the sheet is for personal educational use only, does not constitute investment advice, and is otherwise subject to all the disclaimers on the footer of this page.